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Maiitsohmon by xXlSalimuslXx
A rookie digimon named Maiitsohmon. He's pretty cute and I like him. I've always liked Native Americans due to my heritage though I wish I knew more.
The symbols on him I looked up on the internet, so they could be wrong, but I tried giving him good ones. The one of his forehead means "friend" and the bear paw on his chest is for strength. There's just a gear on his other shoulder. Nothing special there lol. Also, his names supposedly means "Wolf" in Navajo (hopefully it's right).
Ramon by xXlSalimuslXx
Ramon is an in-training digimon I made, because LORD KNOWS WE NEED SNAILS MADE OUT OF NOODLES.

I made this one to some-what emulate the early card designs. It's a moderate success, but I feel like there's a few details missing that'd really make him fit in. You may expect an update of this one in the future.
Lucahjin by xXlSalimuslXx
Here's some fan rt of Lucahjin! She's pretty entertaining for the most part, even if her stuff is a little more mature (or immature). Hey, aren't we all though, really?

You can find her here:
You’ve gathered everything you need for your presentation as you sit in class waiting for your turn. A few note cards with a few words to remind you of a few things. You aren’t really worried or concerned about it. In fact, you think every thing’s going to go fine in terms of you doing a presentation. You have everything and you are prepared to go up. In fact, you know you’re next when the teacher calls your name. As she does, you stand and simply walk up to the front of the class. You hold the all cards in your hands and peek at them for one last moment.
Then you turn around.
Everything is silent with everyone in the class looking at you. All their eyes simply staring back into your with unmoving faces as they simply wait. They watch you as you stand there, waiting for you to speak. You open your mouth but there is no words. Your mind tries to seek them but these thoughts are lost in a sea of eyes. The reason your there dissolves in your mind like mist.
You know you must speak in order to get a grade. It’s something so simple, and yet you’re just standing there. It’s not just the students watching you but the teacher just outside the corners of your eyes. She’s watching and waiting in order to start grading and yet you stop without proceeding. You can’t just give up. Stopping is not an option for you. All you have to do is try. Just open your mouth and let the words flow. Your mind is like a dry lake bed and the faucet of your mouth lets off nothing but dry breath.
If you don’t get this grade, what will your parents think of you? Would they want their child to get an F of all things? What would they do? They could just ground you if they wanted. They could yell at you about. They’d raise their voices into disappointing screams of wrath because you got that foul thing. All because you got that F. You’ll get an F just because you can’t open your mouth and speak a few words. That’s not right though. You researched everything! You looked through many books, look into more web sites, and you have every bit of information you could every need for this! All of that is worth nothing but an F if you don’t speak. All of it isn’t worth a thing to your parents. It’s not worth a thing to your teacher.
… What will others think? What will they think as they wait and get nothing? What will they think if you don’t even try? What will they think if they had such an easy time doing it? What will they think as you just stand there wasting time with nothing? How can you even waste something with nothing at all? How does that make sense? How could they have all came up here and spoke so easily? What did they do that you couldn’t? What aren’t you doing right? What are you forgetting that’s so easily said that it’d be done by now?
Everything moves by so quickly, yet your mind runs slow. It reaches to grab those words but…. You don’t even know what you’re looking for. How do you start? What do you start with? What should be the first word? What is even the first letter? Is it “A” or “The” you should start with? What comes after that? How do you continue it and form that though? You can’t give up. You haven’t even started! The teacher gives you a warring that you’re almost done. How you be done if you never started?! How can so much time pass in a matter of seconds?! How…? How? How? HOW?!
You have to do something! Anything! Just start speaking. Start saying words. It’s easy, right?! Just look into your mind and find the right though… But… There’s so many… H-how? How are there so many questions? So many trails of thought that wander off from what you’re looking for? Every thought you try to pull at, you pull yourself further away. You pick one but it’s just the countless eyes of students. Another? The teacher watching and grading. No… One more! Your parents are yelling at you as if you were the lowest of life. Um… How fast time is running? How can things start without going? How is this so easy? How are you screwing up? How can you screw up doing nothing? No – something? What are you thinking? What are you saying? There is nothing in your mind to say but it’s full? How is it full? Why is time moving so slowly? Is it moving at all? No, time’s almost out! I need to speak! I need to do something! DO SOMETHING!

“That’s time,” you hear the teacher say. Your mind clears but lingers.
She asks you to sit down.
I can’t…
… I have to say something.
She asks again.
I stare down at nothing for something.
She ask again.
My body is trembling…
… I can’t speak…
… I need to…
The words in your hands fall to the floor.
I can't Speak
A little story based on real life experiences. It's about the worry and nervousness one feels when you have to speak in front of the class or present something. Do not worry if you feel anxiety from reading. Based on how I wrote it, it is a normal feeling as it's suppose to take you into this mind, and put you in that mindset, then unnerve you. I did it this way so that people who normally don't feel as anxious can relate to an understand this feeling. That said, if you don't want to feel that way, I advice you not to read it. I wouldn't want any panic attacks caused by this..
Digimon Central Role Play Map - 2015 by xXlSalimuslXx
Digimon Central Role Play Map - 2015
This is an RP map with a custom rule set, created by me, based D&D rules to an extend. We're having a new season of the RP coming up and I needed to upload the map somewhere... So here it is!

You may not use this map currently for any reason.

The RP is a work in progress.

School Day

    I was in this school setting in class with a teacher I had in High School. (I'll call her Mrs. K for the sake of things.) It was the last class of the day and everyone was going to go home soon. We had a short break during class and I went to go get my back pack and DS bag. It's a bit odd because in High School I always had my backpack around. I also never brought my DS bag with me to school. None of that is as odd as where I had kept those however.
    I made my way to this courtyard area with some small shacks with black roofs and this white plaster-like material on the walls. Some was actually breaking apart off these structures, so they had been in use for a while. They didn't seem very large from outside, but inside? It was about as big as an average bed room. Even a little bit bigger than that. There was darkish, aged carpet, a couple couches, a lazy-boy chair, some tables, a closet, a counsel for a TV with out one, a variety of shelving, and all sorts of dolls and toys placed neatly around the room. This place was like a storage area for students and a lot of the items there were from students who have just left their things there over time. Unfortunately for me, this was a particularly girly room. The pink walls, drapes, and the many variety of dolls were a dead give away. I groaned upon coming in here because I'm not that kind of gal myself. There was this other girl in the room though gathering her own things - two students per unit is how it went. I got my things as well and headed out back to class.
    Time passes and it's time to go home. I realize I have to go meet a friend by my little storage room. In a strange thought, I leave my stuff behind in class because I didn't want to take it with me and would be heading back this way. It wasn't a long walk to the place anyways. When I came up to the place, I found Zero of all people. He looked younger and clean shaven, but was wearing a black, thick jacket and was carrying his bag with one strap over his right shoulder. We talked a bit and went back to get my stuff... Only it wasn't there.
    I was shocked at first then thought, "well if it's not here, it must be back at the storage room." The two of us go back and take a look around. Zero didn't really interact with the object in the room much, but was just looking around really without touching them. I was a bit more frantic and was looking under everything I thought of. One table in particular had a table cloth over it. I looked under it, seeing a whole bunch of legos people had put together as different scenes, like a house, and a beach front. I do spot an rather shabby looking Zoid though. It was a Liger Zero that was missing parts. Most of it's face and one of its legs in particular was almost completely gone.
"Hum," I remember myself saying.
"What is it?" Zero asked, walking up to me. I dragged the toy out by it's tail and showed it to him.
"It's a Liger Zero." I simply said. (... Did my mind make up a joke as a slept...? Is that what just happened?)
Anyways, we headed back to the class having found nothing here. I told Mrs. K about out conundrum. She as convinced I just left my things in that room, even though I was thinking that someone swiped my stuff. To calm me down, she and her teaching assistance took us back to the room to look around.
Everyone was a bit more active this time, looking under the many pieces of furniture as well as in a few other places. I was looking under a couch that was up against the wall when the teaching assistance spoke up. She had remember that she had moved my stuff from off the floor to on top of Mrs. K's desk. My mind was angrily saying, "Why would you do that?" Things got worse though as I remembered nothing was on the desk when we went back to the room the second time. The teaching assistant jut assumed everyone had gathered their things at that time, but it seemed like some one took what wasn't theirs! I pained, curling on the floor in the fetal position, and started to moan about all the game I lost ad how I'd never get them back.

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