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Gnomes VS Goblins: Beast Snatcher by xXlSalimuslXx
Gnomes VS Goblins: Beast Snatcher
Just making an entry for the Gnomes VS Goblins Contest going as. KINDA NERVOUS. Just... Kinda.
Heheh, I suppose it's appropriate because of how I made the picture. I didn't want to make a fearless, crazy Gnome wanting to beat anything to a pulp with its invention. Instead, I made a timid one that isn't so sure about the world around her. A bit backwards? Well, maybe. In fact, it kinda of is, but I didn't think of anything else and this kept coming to mind, so why not at least try? I know this little gnome's trying.

Heck, everyone else in the flipping world wants to fight each other practically. Sometimes you just want to avoid that and travel the land bothered by that. Guides are costly though when you're not strong enough to stand up for yourself though. Hm... Now what's a good guide that can travel the land and take care of itself? AHAH! It's obvious the most tough and brutal creatures in the area would not only know it best! That should be strong enough to keep the burliest of fighters off your back. How to get such creatures on your side though? Hm... A collar might work... You'd have to get a little close but yeah. That'd work.
Blob Demon by xXlSalimuslXx
Blob Demon
This is going to be one of many demons I'll be drawing for something. So, what is this thing? This is a gluttony demon with a body that of a blob of slime. Gluttony demons will sometime have similar bodies as this.
I'll be using this fella for other things soon enough. I just need to get his little buddies done too. Think of this as a preview.
(I'll be putting it into scraps latter too.)
Nechi the Demonic Doll by xXlSalimuslXx
Nechi the Demonic Doll
Made this little guy recently. His name's Nechi! He's a demon that possesses a plush doll. Other demons summon him in to do various math. There's various boxes with supplies to build him on certain worlds. This is key as most of the items in the box are enchanted. It comes with a book of instructions on how to build the plush and summon him. It's written in a demonic language, but some one can be smart enough to figure it out.
He's summoned basically when there's a demon who sucks at math. Little guy's smart too. He has memorized thousands of common math equations. He only works out problems if he doesn't know the answer off the top of his head or just to have some fun. His enjoys math so much, that if he was trying to kill you, math homework would save you (at least for a few moments). Any problem put before him, he will solve. Nothing is difficult in terms of math for him. When Nechi isn't doing math, he'll usually have a snack or start counting certain objects so that he can do calculations with them latter. He doesn't like counting large numbers as it is tedious though. To bypass that, he may estimate numbers unless told specifically not to. Either way, counting to him is a necessary evil.
He's part lust and gluttony demon. (Lust because of his almost constant obsession with math and gluttony because he seeks more.) Nechi also has abilities over ice, but not water. It's not extremely strong, but it's strong enough to defend himself or kill someone with no power. That's for the best though as he cares very little about killing anyone. It's not like he has to kill anyways. He only has to eat one soul every 6 months while in the plush. Not only that but demons pay him for his work with souls. It just makes fighting unnecessary.
Nechi has a few different callings in life: to complete math equations before him and to see what beings are smarter. He enjoys serving beings who are smarter than he would expect them to be. Any numb-skull demon could summon him, but a normal being that is able to translate the book is impressive to him. He doesn't really care who he serves under as long as you're smart enough. As such, he enjoys jobs with intelligent demons who just don't have time to deal with certain things like math.

School Day

    I was in this school setting in class with a teacher I had in High School. (I'll call her Mrs. K for the sake of things.) It was the last class of the day and everyone was going to go home soon. We had a short break during class and I went to go get my back pack and DS bag. It's a bit odd because in High School I always had my backpack around. I also never brought my DS bag with me to school. None of that is as odd as where I had kept those however.
    I made my way to this courtyard area with some small shacks with black roofs and this white plaster-like material on the walls. Some was actually breaking apart off these structures, so they had been in use for a while. They didn't seem very large from outside, but inside? It was about as big as an average bed room. Even a little bit bigger than that. There was darkish, aged carpet, a couple couches, a lazy-boy chair, some tables, a closet, a counsel for a TV with out one, a variety of shelving, and all sorts of dolls and toys placed neatly around the room. This place was like a storage area for students and a lot of the items there were from students who have just left their things there over time. Unfortunately for me, this was a particularly girly room. The pink walls, drapes, and the many variety of dolls were a dead give away. I groaned upon coming in here because I'm not that kind of gal myself. There was this other girl in the room though gathering her own things - two students per unit is how it went. I got my things as well and headed out back to class.
    Time passes and it's time to go home. I realize I have to go meet a friend by my little storage room. In a strange thought, I leave my stuff behind in class because I didn't want to take it with me and would be heading back this way. It wasn't a long walk to the place anyways. When I came up to the place, I found Zero of all people. He looked younger and clean shaven, but was wearing a black, thick jacket and was carrying his bag with one strap over his right shoulder. We talked a bit and went back to get my stuff... Only it wasn't there.
    I was shocked at first then thought, "well if it's not here, it must be back at the storage room." The two of us go back and take a look around. Zero didn't really interact with the object in the room much, but was just looking around really without touching them. I was a bit more frantic and was looking under everything I thought of. One table in particular had a table cloth over it. I looked under it, seeing a whole bunch of legos people had put together as different scenes, like a house, and a beach front. I do spot an rather shabby looking Zoid though. It was a Liger Zero that was missing parts. Most of it's face and one of its legs in particular was almost completely gone.
"Hum," I remember myself saying.
"What is it?" Zero asked, walking up to me. I dragged the toy out by it's tail and showed it to him.
"It's a Liger Zero." I simply said. (... Did my mind make up a joke as a slept...? Is that what just happened?)
Anyways, we headed back to the class having found nothing here. I told Mrs. K about out conundrum. She as convinced I just left my things in that room, even though I was thinking that someone swiped my stuff. To calm me down, she and her teaching assistance took us back to the room to look around.
Everyone was a bit more active this time, looking under the many pieces of furniture as well as in a few other places. I was looking under a couch that was up against the wall when the teaching assistance spoke up. She had remember that she had moved my stuff from off the floor to on top of Mrs. K's desk. My mind was angrily saying, "Why would you do that?" Things got worse though as I remembered nothing was on the desk when we went back to the room the second time. The teaching assistant jut assumed everyone had gathered their things at that time, but it seemed like some one took what wasn't theirs! I pained, curling on the floor in the fetal position, and started to moan about all the game I lost ad how I'd never get them back.

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